35 Words: Beautify

From my 35 favorite words: Beautify

Colorful 3″x5″ collage, colored pencil, and marker of the word: Beautify. I just love the idea of Beauty made into a verb, an action. Our surroundings can lift our spirit and remind us of hope; remind us of the good things in the world. The work of many creative people is rooted in that passion– that your life should be more than gray and beige. Do you agree?

About Rachel Heu

"Creativity is an act of defiance. You're challenging the status quo. You're questioning accepted truths and principles. You're asking three universal questions that mock conventional wisdom: Why do I have to obey the rules? Why can't I be different? Why can't I do it my way?" --Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It For Life (pg. 133)
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