My 35 Words: Illumination

The search for that moment of…

My 35 Words: Illumination

My 35 Words: Illumination

Illumination. It’s nearly ineffable for me to put into words why I love this word so much and what it means to me. I’m being reminded of how great it feels when you work on a solution for a project or some sort of life dilemma that is challenging to solve. You spend effort, time, and energy on it—maybe days, maybe weeks… month (years?)… you’re thinking and mulling it over constantly… and then there is that moment!   Ah-Ha! I solved it! I beat the challenge! Here’s the solution! BAM! It’s an epiphany! In that moment, you feel that you have it all figured out! That is what this card is about: the search for that exhilarating moment and then being rewarded for your efforts. It is the point of fresh inspiration. You are changed.

(This is a 3″x5″ piece of art, media: Colored pencil, Pigment liner pen from My 35 Words.)

About Rachel Heu

"Creativity is an act of defiance. You're challenging the status quo. You're questioning accepted truths and principles. You're asking three universal questions that mock conventional wisdom: Why do I have to obey the rules? Why can't I be different? Why can't I do it my way?" --Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It For Life (pg. 133)
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