Art and My Pursuit of Life-Long Learning


About Me and This Blog

I am Rachel Heu. This is my true, public confession. I have an obsession. I love art.

Art can be visual, aural, cerebral… in endless media. There is nothing more diverse and relevant to our culture than what is going on in art. It’s a serial innovator and it knows no rules. Art is really exciting and I love to think about the possibilities.

As for this blog, I’m on a journey to become a better artist and learn as much about art as I can. My itinerary is TBD, but when you look at my blog, I hope you’ll travel with me for a bit and see where I go and what I do. So far, I’m showing work as I complete it, I’m expressing my opinions on various topics, I’m showcasing art projects that I’ve developed, and now, I’m going to be delving into what becomes inspiration; what fires-up the artistic passion. I will also look at what more accomplished artists are doing and I will give you my take, as a viewer and appreciator. I’ll be talking about great films that you should watch in order to feed your creative soul.  Put on your party shoes and take a walk with me!

(This is a photograph of me at The Modern in Fort Worth, Texas, in May 2013. This was my favorite painting that I saw that day. I have a lot of favorites. Joan Mitchell, American 1925-1992, Untitled 1961, oil on canvas) (Ok, really, I’m gonna call a lot of art “my favorite” heh heh… time to get used to it 🙂 )

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