Abstract Minimalism: Getting The Message

Understanding abstract minimalism is like learning a new language. I’m realizing that it helps to have some background or to really take some time with it. Otherwise, if you only look at the face-value; the superficial, you may just pass by. You’ll miss the message. It’s like if someone whispered something ethereal and brilliant to you and you accidentally talked over them. I can only have my perspective but I think that it’s most nearly spiritual and the experience you can have is ineffable and other-worldly.

Updated: I just realized that Varnedoe actually mentions that in Pictures of Nothing (pg.41) He talks about how the experience of Abstract Minimalism “does profit from some prior knowledge” and how it “helps to be aware of the parameters and rules of that tradition”.

A conversation is happening. What I mean is that a lot of well-known abstract art builds off of each other or even mocks or simply responds to something another artist created. I’d say that’s mostly true. I would say (and maybe he goes into this later— only in chpt one.) that the more you look at abstract art, the more you’ll understand it. Maybe one doesn’t have to have the background to understand it from an academic perspective. I would say that, based on my experience, one needs to look at it, give it the time and I think understanding comes from the commonality of the human experience; your humanity. In the same way that red and pink remind us of love and Valentine’s day, or blue reminds us of calm or maybe a particular blue can convey sadness (I’m simplifying here, assuming that the viewers have the same cultural background), we can understand a piece of art. Sure, everyone is going to have a slightly different interpretation of the art, but among those interpretations, there are commonalities.

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If you can’t find the people who understand it, does it matter?

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Be Ready; Be A Powerhouse ((Word Art Remixed))

Get things done.

I love the word “Powerhouse“. This word is defined as “A person, group, team, or the like, having great energy, strength, or potential for success.”

So with “great energy, strength” and “potential for success”, you can approach your day and be ready! I imagined you having this piece of art next to your desk somewhere where you could see a colorful, positive reminder to keep working towards your goals, checking things off of your list, one at a time.

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In perfectly pleated pants, I was practically prancing past pleasing, prospering petals!!!

Pleasing Purple Pansy 1

Pleasing Purple Pansy 2

Pleasing Purple Pansy 3

(I took these photos near downtown Edmonds, Washington.)

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“It is impossible to please everybody. Please yourself first.”–Chinese Fortune

Lavender Palette 1

Lavender Palette 2

Lavender Palette 3

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Insanely Amazing

You are:

You are 100% custom-made to be insanely amazing.


Share this with someone that you think is amazing. ❤

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Thinking Differently

Word Art Remixed: Thinking Differently

Some people call me strange, weird; I’m often told that I’m “unique”.  To me, that is a compliment; I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s better than being beige and boring. I’m thinking colorfully; I’m Thinking Differently. In the present

(Postcard size word art, watercolor, colored pencil, and pigment liner by me.)

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